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MARCH 2024


My landscape paintings are inspired by the simple beauty I find in nature, filtered through intense observation and my interest in light and color. I believe nature inspires awe in each of us, evoking common memories and experiences. It is why we are drawn to the natural world, a shared experience that connects us to each other.

A lifetime of observing the natural world has made me acutely aware of change. The experience of each moment is unique, never to be repeated, and it is remarkable how quickly the movement of the sun and changes in weather and atmosphere occur. I am drawn to the dramatic light at the beginning and the end of the day. 
In the mid 80's, in Bucks County, I began painting plein air along the Delaware Canal that parallels both sides of the river. I would make small plein air studies to inform larger more brilliantly colored studio works. Ten years on, I moved to Chester County and began the practice of painting from memory, an accommodation to the demands of work and family.


I worked in this way for more than 20 years, and refer to these paintings as "unintentional", images inspired by what I saw in my daily travels, teased out of my imagination. Large paintings were made "alla prima", (at first attempt), in one session. it was borne out of necessity to fulfill my need to paint in whatever time I could find. The process resulted in spontaneously stylized experiments that were focused on color.

A move to West Chester inspired a return to painting plein air and several years ago, I learned of Stroud Preserve, 570 acres of protected open space, maintained by Natural Lands. Stroud sparked my imagination and reminded me of the fields, woods, and farmland where I played as a boy.
I’ve recently completed a project to capture this experience; “The Landscapes of Stroud Preserve”, a body of work inspired by the constantly changing light and weather across the four seasons.
My work has been exhibited throughout the eastern United States and I have participated in group and solo gallery shows, as well as various juried exhibitions. Paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections, both nationally and internationally.

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