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Gregory Blue painting
Dawn on Pink
Oil on canvas

Twenty five years ago I began painting landscapes in a stylized abstraction of color. Although remaining representational, I approached painting as directly as possible, working “alla prima”, or “at first attempt”, completing a work in a single painting session. I referred to this method as “unintentional painting", my attempt to tap into our collective consciousness.

A painting session began with a series of warm-up exercises. When I felt as though I was in the zone, I would place a large white canvas on my easel and begin the work without any concrete plan for the picture I was about to make. The painting evolved from the very first brush stroke guided predominantly by intuition and that very first color selection.

Several years ago, I moved into the borough of West Chester and built a studio behind our home. I began painting plein air again and my work has evolved, influenced by my new surroundings and informed by my previous experience. The approach seems the direct opposite of spontaneous, unintentional paintings. The subject is still the landscape, and the dominant themes of color and texture still remain. What has changed is my fascination with the effects of light and the interplay of chiaroscuro, light and shadow. In sharp contrast to the spontaneity of alla prima paintings, studio paintings are carefully planned and frequently preceded by a battery of small plein air and studio color and compositional studies.

I hope you find this new direction interesting and I’d love to hear what you think. If you have questions or comments about a specific piece in the gallery, click on the painting, and click on the inquire button. If you have a more general comment or question, or you would like to be included on my email list, go to my contact page and send me a note.

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