Artist’s Statement

Light washes over the fields and stands of trees emphasizing texture and pattern. Each moment is a constantly changing panoply of shapes and colors, informed by the changing of the seasons and the time of day. The effects of light afford me an opportunity to continue my exploration of color, a dominant theme in my work. I am drawn to the drama of the extremes, the beginning and the end of the day, when horizontal shards of light rake across the vertical stands of trees and shafts of weeds and grasses. The rendering of these patterns and textures on canvas results in a tapestry of color.

A tangle of branches and twigs creates a complex visual cacophony, that can be simplified into gestural brush strokes of thick and thin paint scumbled over the coarse texture of the linen canvas. A sun-drenched field of snow evaporates into dense air that diffuses and colors the light. Long vistas turn distant the horizon blue with atmospheric perspective. My subjects inspire an endless array of abstract compositional elements that can be arranged to lead the viewer’s eye about the canvas and engage them in the work.

The finished painting captures a moment in time. It is a meditation on the ordinary, an attempt to emphasize the ubiquitous into something more profound. The viewer is invited to experience the canvas in two ways, the abstraction of color and shape, and the representation of intrinsic beauty that is all around us. The simple elegance of nature.

Over the last several years, I’ve spent time visiting Stroud’s Preserve, a property of more than 500 acres of preserved open space a few miles west of my studio that is managed by  Natural Lands Trust. Once a working farm, the land has been preserved as open space that epitomizes the hilly terrain and pastoral landscape of this region of Pennsylvania. I am grateful this source of inspiration is so convenient to me.