January 15, Morning

It is cold and the sun hasn't been up long enough to warm the air. A tall stand of grass glows in the sunlight that cuts across the path along the tree line.

December 12, Afternoon

The weather was unseasonably warm and the grass glowed golden in the setting sun. Even the long shadows seemed warm for this late in the fall.

August 25

The roots of a Beech tree, damp from the previous night's rain, were almost black against the carpet of leaves and green understory. The smooth gray bark glowed green in the reflected light.

February 12

A week or more of rain saturated the ground. Huge puddles formed in what are normally fields of grass. Like mirrors they reflected the distant trees, the clouds and the sky, as the weather began to clear.

March 7

A late winter storm brought 27" of snow. A couple of sunny days and the promise of warmer weather cause the wild flowers and field grasses to poke up through the snow and glow in the setting sun.

April 26, Chaos

The peeling bark of a River Birch is illuminated in the midday sun. Through the tangle of leaders and limbs, the green grass beyond the tree announces the coming of Spring.

September 17

It is almost the end of Summer and everything is still green. Only the Sycamores and Oaks have begun to turn yellow. The creek has a mirror surface this morning. Everything is still. The only movement is the mist on the water's surface.

March 6

Tire tracks rutted the snow on the path through the woods. The morning sunlight through the trees drapes long shadows over the hilly terrain as the path snakes through the woods.

November 3

The changing of the seasons marks the passage of time. Autumn is beautiful in Pennsylvania. The leaves have turned and the warm afternoon sky is brilliant blue with huge puffy clouds that cast shadows on the hilly landscape.

November 5

A young Sycamore on the edge of the tree line quivers in the gentle wind. The dried leaves whisper a hoarse raspy sound, their orange color made more vibrant in the afternoon light.

September 21

The morning is hazy and warm. The sun has not cleared the trees to the east. The field of long grass remains in shadow all the way down to the treeline at the creek, it's color is a cool minty green, covered in the morning dew.

August 24, Greens

In August the woods is all green. The rich purple soil of the forest floor is covered in deep green foliage that clusters around a fallen log. The moss is a different green, glowing chartreuse in a beam of sunlight.

October 5

The corn looks dry and parched, even though the early morning air is damp. It will be time to harvest soon. A few rays of sunlight break through the clouds that exaggerate the texture of the rows of corn.

March 12

It is the end of the day and the light is waning. The soft light of sunset illuminates the woods beyond the bend in the creek.

October 15, Cacaphony

The sun darts in and out of a cloudy sky as it crests the big hill. Standing in a hedgerow of thistles and draped in vines, a young Birch tree is suddenly illuminated, but only for a moment, as the sun disappears behind a cloud.

October 18

A blanket of ground fog is visible in the distant low area, warmed by the sun. It will disappear soon. The air is chilled this morning, and the light strong on the corn standing ready for harvest. The edge glows gold in the brilliant light.