Artist’s Statement

artist's statement

Gregory Blue

I cannot imagine what it would be like not to make paintings. It is both a satisfying and frustrating endeavor, but I cannot not do it. At whatever compromise, I have always had a studio, a place to work where I am able to chase after those illusory images just beyond my mind’s reach and try to capture them on canvas.

Landscape painting is contemplative, it is communing with nature, intently focused on the world around you, a meditation. The objective of my work is to express form, texture, and atmosphere and the interplay of light as it drapes across the subject or spills through a cluster of quivering leaves and dances onto the ground.

My experience is translated into dabs of paint with broken brush strokes scumbled over the coarse textured linen, intended to capture the movement of the wind, the sound of the trees and grasses, and convey the whole of my experience. I try to avoid drawing and instead, rely on the juxtaposed colors and textures to convey that ephemeral moment in time.

Most all of my work is landscape, inspired by the rolling hills, fields of hay and soy, and the beautiful sycamore trees of southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. The purpose of my work is to draw attention to the ubiquitous beauty of this region and the importance of preserving open space, and to convey the immense gratification I find in the natural world when light, atmosphere, earth and sky, harmonize into a vision that elevates the ordinary into the profound.