Artist’s Statement

artist's statement

Gregory Blue
Gregory Blue

Light drapes over the landscape rendering the hilly terrain and patchwork of woods and open fields in sharp relief as it creates a constantly changing panoply of shapes and colors. The changing of the seasons and the time of day continuously transform the subject before me, marking each moment in the passage of time. I am drawn to the extremes, the days beginning and end, when horizontal shards of light and shadow rake across the vertical stands of trees and shafts of weeds and grasses, resulting in a tapestry of color. The light sparkles, like bits of glass strewn about to direct the viewer’s eye about the canvas and engage them in the work.

Painting is a meditation, a process of interpreting intently focused observation. Gestural brush strokes of paint scumbled over the coarse textured linen suggest the subject’s appearance. From a distance, there is the image; a path through the woods, a stand of trees, or a glint of light reflecting on a stream. Upon closer inspection, the painting is abstract, a collection of broken brush strokes and simple marks harmonized to express the elegance of nature that elevates the ordinary into the profound.

Over the last several years, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing Stroud’s Preserve, a property of more than 500 acres of preserved open space managed by Natural Lands Trust. Once a working farm, the land epitomizes the hilly terrain and pastoral landscape of this region of Pennsylvania.

I am grateful this source of inspiration is so convenient to me.